Meet Alisto

Alisto is dedicated to helping individuals and
small businesses overcome overwhelm and
achieve better lives. We believe in the power
of an Effective Global Workforce, combining
human potential with simple tools and
personalized support to bring clarity, peace,
and success.

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Nearly anything can be delegated.
Spend your precious time on the things you love. Outsource the rest!

Avigail Schondorf
CIO & Founder

Our Values

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Constant Learning and Growth
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Client Success
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Effective Global Workforce
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Team Work

Our Team

Faye Prado

Social Media Executive

Vanessa Magaling

Creative Lead

Patricia Reloj

Payroll Executive

Allaen Biccan

HR Director

Jalyn Millares

Executive Assistant

Joana Marie Garcia

Client Acquisition Executive

J-anne Paula Dacusin

Graphic Designer

Julius Christian Briones

Content Creator

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