There’s a Plan For Every Employment Need

Hour Bank Plan

Great for personal or small businesses
Hourly flexibility
Offer tailored virtual services, including:
-Administrative support
-Communications management
-Research and analysis
-Travel and event coordination
-Personal assistance
Any extra hours will be billed at the specified hourly rate
$20 / hour
+ $1,500 Onboarding fee
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Growth Plan

Productivity Guarantee*

Great  for all kinds of businesses
The executive support team excels in various areas for 160 hours per month
Collaborate to deliver high-quality results promptly
Access diverse expertise including:
-Graphic Design
-Video Editing
-Web Design
-Content Generation
-Social Media Management (SMM)
No onboarding fee
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Custom Plan

Great for businesses seeking a specific service
Content Calendars
Web Design and Development
Department Overhaul
Other one-time services
Custom Pricing
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Growth Plan Guarantee

Register for our Growth Plan and save 5 hours every week!
Efficiency guaranteed! Otherwise, you’ll get a refund.

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What is a virtual assistant agency?
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How does the recruitment process work?
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What qualifications and skills do you look for in virtual assistants?
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Do virtual assistants work remotely?
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How do you match virtual assistants with clients?
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What is the pricing structure for virtual assistant services?
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Do virtual assistants sign confidentiality agreements or NDAs?
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What kind of support or oversight is provided to clients and virtual assistants?
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What if I'm unsatisfied with the virtual assistant's performance?
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How do I get started with hiring a virtual assistant through your agency?
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