Executive Assistant

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Executive Assistant to the CEO is a professional responsible for managing the schedules and communications of key executives in the company. You will prioritize emails and phone calls as well as arrange meetings and business events.

About the role

Executive Assistant Responsibilities Include:

1. Managing the CEO’s Schedule by maintaining the CEO’s calendar, scheduling meetings and appointments, and coordination travel arrangements.

2. Communication - managing the CEO's correspondence, including emails, and phone calls. On behalf of the CEO, you must respond to inquiries and provide top priority to important matters.

3. Administrative Support - providing the CEO with administrative support, including report preparation and drafting email. All administrative activities must be accomplished precisely and on schedule.

4. Project Management - assisting the CEO manage unique projects, such as the planning and execution of research. In order to guarantee that the projects are finished on schedule and within budget, you must coordinate with other team members.

5. Event Planning - On behalf of the CEO, planning and coordinating meetings, conferences, and other special events.

6. Information Management - keeping files and information tidy and current. You must make sure that the data is safely kept and that the CEO can quickly access it when.

Requirements and Skills:

● Work experience as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant or similar role with at least 2 years of experience

● Outstanding organizational and time management skills

● Discretion and Confidentiality

● Strong computer skills and tech savvy - familiar in G Suite

● Strong ability to maintain confidentiality and deal with sensitive information

Technical Requirements:

Personal computer that is really functional

High-speed internet access

Complete home workplace setup equipment

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